• Practice alone ? Possible and necessary!

    Practice alone ? Possible and necessary! It is easy to think that you absolutely need a partner to train and improve in Wing Chun! It is said that Chi Sao is 70% of Wing Chun’s practice! Well this is totally wrong!! I often heard this sentence « I cannot train, I do not have a partner ». To me this...
    13 Déc 2018
  • My Wing Chun is the one ! No the mine is the one !! Episode 2

    How does my wing chun work ! As you have understood from episode 1, each form is divided in 3 sections to get a potential of 9 versions. It would be interesting now that we have this fact to add another specificity of the taoist tradition which is that each thing has a nature and multiple functions....
    29 Oct 2018
  • My Wing Chun is the one ! No the mine is the one !! Episode 1

    We see everyday each Wing Chun school claiming it is traditional, each student believing in its lineage will struggle trying to impose its convictions, my school is the true one, the traditional one. It is important to re-establish the truth ! A tradition is a way of doing things, to convey a way of...
    11 Oct 2018
  • Fundamentals of Wing Chun fighting : the distance

    Distance notion in martial arts is very important. It is mandatory to keep a correct distance that will allow evaluating the situation, protect yourself and counter-attack. This distance notion varies from a martial art to another: distance in wrestling is different from distance in boxing or Aikido...
    01 Oct 2018
  • The Taoist Way of Wing Chun

    Since Bruce Lee and Ip Man’s lineage popularization, Wing Chun is very well known for its so called martial external side. But what about the internal side ? It is Mao’s cultural revolution that is responsible for all styles exhaution and in our case of the internal side of Wing Chun. Du...
    24 Sep 2018
  • Fight is not a movie

    I write this article following a discussion started on the forum as it seems important to me to develop the idea. Sebastien’s question was based on a video where we see two traditional styles practitioners fight in a ring and despite several long minutes of fight, the two protagonists do not use the...
    11 Sep 2018
  • WING CHUN – Use it or lose it

    During my years of practice in Hong Kong, certain phrases came all the time, with the purpose to open my mind and improve my practice. Here are two of them that can be useful to your practice. Use it or lose it This English expression is frequently used in Hong Kong trainings. The idea is that every...
    07 Sep 2018
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