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The Taoist Way of Wing Chun

Since Bruce Lee and Ip Man’s lineage popularization, Wing Chun is very well known for its so called martial external side. But what about the internal side ?

It is Mao’s cultural revolution that is responsible for all styles exhaution and in our case of the internal side of Wing Chun.

During this period, Chinese government aimed at transforming the traditional Chinese culture.

Traditional martial arts being part of this culture, they were dissected and transformed into fighting sports (modern Wu Shu).

Those who were risking prison or did not accept regime decisions decided to go in regions belonging to other countries such as Hong Kong or Macao.

And here is our Wing Chun split in two.

On one side Chinese people from continental China deprived of the martial part to satisfy regime requirements, and on the other side refugees that put emphasis on the external nature as a rebelion sign against the Chinese government.

Hong Kong and Macao retrocessions allowed masters from both groups to meet and share the whole of the system therefore allowing finding back all Wing Chun roots.

The three bases of the internal side of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun style is build upon Taoïsm foundations.

It therefore follows all of its principles such as the Sky, Earth and Man or as another example Yin Yang.

In Wing Chun we find all of these principles with 3 steps of searching:

1/ Ping Hang (balance). Nothing can be built if there is no balance. It means self-acceptance of who we are. There is the one we pretend to be, the one we would like to be, and the one we actually are!

2/ Sat Ping Hang (loss of balance). How can we know who we are if we don’t put ourself into default!

3/ Fong Heung (seeking for the direction). Analyzing everything we are will allow forming the one we will be!

These are these 3 working steps, on the spirit, the body and practice of our forms that will help us working on the meditative, sensitive and spiritual levels.

Enjoy your training…

author: Lionel Roulier


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