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5 advices to create simple and effective routine training for Wing Chun

5 advices to create your routine

1/ orient your routine
Whether your aim is to improve your physic or your martial practice, you have to orient your routine.

What I mean by orient is that you should know what you are seeking for with training: double your biceps size, increase your punch speed, etc…

Once your theme is clear, write and plan each exercise you are going to work to follow, exactly as you would do with a coach, the path you chose.

At the end of the routine, do not hesitate to also write comments you may have, with the aim to improve your next routines.

2/ Find the balance (strenghts and weaknesses)
When we put in place a personal training, it is important to get to know ourself and to review our strengths and weaknesses. We often have the tendency to include exercises we perform quite well in our routine and only include one or two exercises that discourage us.

It is important to work what we do not like because it is often due to a lack of control that we reject those exercises.

But be careful to balance ! If on the contrary you only perform exercises you don’t like, motivation will drop and you will step by step give up on your routine.

3/ create a ritual
With all the things we have to do in our overbooked lifes, it is sometimes easy to elude a session.

To avoid this, I invite you to tranform your session in a ritual!

Plan your session at a defined hour, give yourself 5 minutes before starting your practice by turning on the music that will motivate you, place a bottle of water and a towel near you, and then start with a little warm-up that will galvanize yourself and launch your routine.

4/ Be patient
It is important not to force yourself: it is useless to make a routine that will exhaust you just to feel like if you’re tired at the end of the session, it means you will get some result.

Keep this for more specific sessions out of your routine, that you can perform once or twice a week.
Learn to progressively increase difficulty of your routine, you don’t want to risk injury.
Don’t be impatient with your improvement, don’t put to much pressure on yourself by looking for results at the end of each session.

5/ Change your routine on a regular basis
The human body and mind become accustomed to doing things on a medium term, so you have to change your routine each month to keep improving physically and not fall into boredom.

Enjoy your training…

author: Lionel Roulier


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