Wing Chun Kuen  咏春拳


Chinese Martial Art, Wing Chun Kung Fu is focused on Self Défense
Efficiency – Simplicity – Tradition

Lionel Roulier

3 Masters, 2 Lineages , 1 Synthesis

Wing Chun through love

He met Wing Chun in 1992 thanks to his future wife originating from Hong Kong, Fok Siu Ping.


The year after, he went to Hong Kong. Surprise!


All of his family-in-law members were trained by first close students of well known Ip Man and his brother in arm, Ng Chung So. And that is how a little frenchy, Lionel Roulier by his name, was enlightened to Wing Chun’s secrets as a true Hong Kong inhabitant.


« she orientated me » says Lionel Roulier from his wife Fok Siu Ping… This is indeed thanks to her and his wife’s family that he met with true Wing Chun from Hong Kong.


Her name is Fok Siu Ping. She is Lionel Roulier’s wife. She is Fok Ying’s daughter and Fok Chiu’s niece. Her father was trained by Leung Sheung, first Ip Man’s student (1893-1972) and her uncle by Yiu Choi, first Ng Chung So’s student, Yip Man’s alter ego. If these names may sound strange for Westerners, they mean a lot in Hong Kong because they are part of the historical art popularized by Bruce Lee.


What’s the link with France ?


His name is Lionel Roulier, an inhabitant of Ile-de-France aged 37, who discovered martial arts through Jackie Chan, one of his idols with also Mike Tyson and basketball player Mickael Jordan. He is not famous and is not trying to be. He lives his thing, not trying to live of it. He teaches to a small group in Paris. Each year he goes to Hong Kong to pursue his search, that of the infinite depth of Wing Chun.




Judo’s black belt, that he practiced for numerous years as soon as he was 5 years old, he trained Wushu, modern Chinese forms, before meeting with Wing Chun in 1992. He is by then member of the French national team, specialized in Taolu (Chang Quan, saber and pole). By the way he took part to two European championships (2nd place in 1991), two world’s championships and one world’s cup… that he won for Chang quan (bare hands) in 1991 too.


At the same time, from 1992 to 1995, he went numerous times to Hong Kong and was initiated to Wing Chun by Fok Chiu, his ladylove’s uncle. Through her, Lionel Roulier also trained under the guidance of her father. Both experienced men are from different schools, one from Ip Man and one from the first student of his master, his brother in arm then, his « senior », Ng Chung So.


What an honor for a Westerner!


His mother-in-law, Lee Kit, will also take part in Lionel Roulier’s training by introducing him to Chow Tse Chun. Because Wing Chun in Honk Kong is first of all a family story.


And as in all families, ways sometimes split.


Lionel Roulier’s chance ?


Be the link between those different schools, in other words be Wing Chun’s heir from before, the one from Wan Shun (1849-1913 or 1836-1909), during, and after Ip Man.

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